About Oakland Oil Co.

Oakland Oil Co. is a team of extract artists who promote innovation in extraction science and farming practices, to create the purest expression of the whole plant.

Using proprietary methods, OOC’s extracts are carefully produced from pesticide free, lab tested cannabis. OOC’s extracts come in multiple grades, including NTACT wide spectrum extract, AMBR strain-specific, high potency distillate, and CIELO high potency distillate/terpene blend. OOC’s products are also available in wholesale quantities to select manufacturers.


NTACT oil is OOC’s premium extract product. Strain-specific NTACT oil is cold processed, high terpene, wide spectrum CO2 extract that represents the purest expression of the cannabinoid and terpene profile of the original plant. NTACT oil contains no additives or dilutants. The NTACT cannabinoid and terpene profile ensures that each puff provides true-to-strain flavor and the Entourage Effect, for an unparalleled taste and feel that only the whole plant experience can provide.

40-65% THC 10-20% Terpenes Vape Dab


AMBR oil is OOC’s premium, strain-specific distilled product. AMBR is distilled from declassified lots of NTACT oil to produce significantly higher potency, while retaining the strain-specific, full cannabinoid and terpene profile of the original plant. AMBR is OOC’s highest potency product and contains only cannabinoids and batch-specific, cannabis-derived terpenes, with no additives and no dilutants.

75-80% THC 5-10% Terpenes Vape Dab


CIELO is OOC’s high potency distillate/terpene blend. With CIELO, OOC seeks to create familiar flavors that are consistent from batch to batch, year-round. CIELO contains only cannabinoids and proprietary blends of plant-derived terpenes, with no other additives or dilutants.

75% THC 10% Terpenes Vape

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